The greatest degree of freedom and creativity in fire-resistant material for architecturally limitless ideas. 

Creativity’s newfound freedom

The highest quality, the most modern processes and  forward-looking decors at the cutting edge of current taste –  these are the hallmarks of products by FunderMax. And with the current facade systems’ revolutionary creativity and  durability, the company’s product range has now entered a new  dimension of unprecedented sophistication!

The prime example of  this is m.look, a combination of superlatives: the greatest degree of freedom and creativity in fire-resistant material for architecturally limitless ideas. m.look stands up  to even the most adverse weather and environmental influences and skillfully combines the required safety with style.

m.look lends architecture new accents. In buildings both public and  hightraffic, in constructions both monumental and multidimensional – m.look takes your design sky high, transferring creative designs to reality even at heights of  more 30 meters.



Decor range

The variety of m.look colour and design variants opens up new possibilities for known and previously unknown applications, convincingly transferring creative designs to reality.


m.look can even be used to realise design ideas in excess of 30 meters height. Where previously only a limited selection of materials was available in limited designs, m.look now opens up new visual worlds.

Technical details

m.look is suitable for all applications that must adhere to the reaction to fire classification of A2-s1,d0 according to EN 13501-1, combining the desired safety with style.