Technical details

Panel size

Length max. 3500 mm
Width max. 1330 mm
The panels are delivered cut to the desired dimensions.

Thicknesses for outdoor use

7 mm for exterior facade and ceiling applications
9 mm, 12 mm for balconies, railings and stairway balustrade panels

Thicknesses for indoor use

8 mm as an architectural wall panel system.
Special thicknesses in 7, 9, 10 and 12 mm are available upon request. Please consult FunderMax directly.
9 mm, 12 mm for balconies, railings and stairway balustrade panels.
Special applications upon request.


Surface for outdoor applications: NT
Surface for indoor applications: FH

Physical properties

Specific gravity 1.9 g/cm³
Fulfills the requirements in accordance with EN 438 (outdoor use) for:

  • climate resistance,
  • UV and weather resistance and
  • surface resistance.

You can find more technical information in the brochure «m.look Technical Information».

Installation and machining (outdoor use)

Visibly riveted or screwed to a metal substructure with a mounting distance of up to 800 mm / 800 mm
Like with the compact panels, machining requires diamond-tipped tools

Physical characteristics

Fire behaviour A2-s1, d0 acc. to EN 13501-1
Please be certain to observe the applicable building regulations.